Further Council U-turn on Winter Gritting sees Extra Roads added to the Gritting Route

Calderdale Council has responded to concerns from local people, myself, and Councillors, about its gritting routes, after a further assessment of 190 roads during the last week.

With immediate effect the Council is now reinstating gritting on the 70 roads listed in the attached document. Copy of List of roads for re-introduction of gritting

Other routes will be added to the gritting routes after extra gritters have been brought in and when issues with access to certain roads have been resolved. The Council’s assessments included checking which routes can be reached by gritters – particularly as access to some roads is narrowed by parked cars – and that a safe turning circle is available to accommodate the larger vehicles.

‘The Council’s Winter Gritting Service has been plunged into chaos over the last few weeks after an ill-advised change in policy was then followed by an apparent U-turn that actually turned out to be nothing of the sort. I am pleased that the Council has now finally listened to the concerns that have come forward from residents and has decided to reinstate gritting on some of the roads where this was originally removed. However, despite the latest announcement from the Council, most routes which have lost their service will not have it reinstated at this stage. Many of the roads which will still be without a gritting service are steep and dangerous in winter and additional changes are still required to the Council’s new policy and their new routes to make these fit for purpose. I would urge residents who are still without a gritting service to continue to contact the Council until their service is reinstated and I will continue to support them in their campaign’, said Craig.

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