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I receive many emails and letters on topical campaigns. They are similar in content and I am publishing my response on this website so you can see my position on each of them. This will be more environmentally friendly and cost effective than sending out individual letters in response.

Click on the campaign title you are interested in to see my response.

   Date                          Campaign

February 2017

27/02/17                    Private renting solutions for homeless and vulnerable people

27/02/17                    Green Investment Bank

27/02/17                    Microbeads

27/02/17                    Animal cruelty sentencing

27/02/17                    Maximum Workplace Temperature (EDM 344)

27/02/17                    Breeding and sale of pets

27/02/17                    Adult Social Care (including Alzheimer’s Society Campaign)

27/02/17                    House of Lords

27/02/17                    Longer Semi-Trailer Trial

27/02/17                    Employment and Support Allowance WRAG Changes

24/02/17                    Bilateral Investment Treaties

22/02/17                    Crossley Heath Grammar School – National Funding Formula

22/02/17                    Beer Duty & Business Rate Relief

22/02/17                    Changes to Bereavement Benefits

22/02/17                    Sentences in Sudan

22/02/17                    Honours system

22/02/17                    Income Tax Military Opt-Out – (Taxes for Peace Bill)

22/02/17                    FA Governance Reform (9th February Debate)

22/02/17                    Rohingya in Burma (EDM 884)

22/02/17                    Abortion on the Grounds of Disability – We’re All Equal Campaign

20/02/17                    Funding the Elderly in China (Prosperity Fund)

13/02/17                    Child Maintenance Collection (EDM 575)

13/02/17                    Stand up for Palestine – 9th February debate

12/02/17                    State Visit Donald Trump

06/02/17                    Single market access

06/02/17                    Fur Trade

06/02/17                    HS2 (general)

06/02/17                    Children’s Society – Children and Families in Debt

06/02/17                    Snares Scotland

06/02/17                    Universal Credit Waiting Period

06/02/17                    Bisphosphonates for Breast Cancer – 43p campaign

January 2017

31/01/17                     Oath of British values

31/01/17                     Elephant conservation and ivory sales

31/01/17                     Water and sanitation (Wateraid)

30/01/17                     Bowel Cancer (screening)

30/01/17                     Relocation of Unaccompanied Children from Europe

25/01/17                     Umm al-Hiran

25/01/17                     NHS Pay (Agenda for Change)

25/01/17                     ‘A Place to Call Home’ Campaign (EDM 833)

25/01/17                     FairFuelUK (Autumn Statement 2016)

25/01/17                     Proportional representation (EDM 591)

25/01/17                     Homelessness Reduction Bill (St Mungo’s and Crisis campaigns)

25/01/17                     Investment in Science & Research 

25/01/17                     Improving Cancer Outcomes (World Cancer Day)

25/01/17                     Trident misfire

25/01/17                     PSHE and SRE addition to Children and Social Work Bill

23/01/17                     ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ in the NHS

23/01/17                     Heineken Takeover of Punch Taverns

18/01/17                     Yemen (Stop the War in Yemen campaign)

16/01/17                     Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) and Gambling Advertising

16/01/17                     Small Claims Court (inc Whiplash)

16/01/17                     Police Animals Petition (Finn’s Law)

11/01/17                     Live animal exports

11/01/17                     Transgender equality and women (Fair Play for Women Campaign)

09/01/17                     Concerns about the CDC Bill (Incl. Global Justice Now campaign)

09/01/17                     Future NHS funding (CQC Report) (GMC report) (Fund our Local NHS)

09/01/17                     The Hunting Act

09/01/17                     Lion conservation and trophy imports

09/01/17                     EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement (CETA)

09/01/17                     Persecution and Displacement of Christians (Open Doors Campaign)

06/01/17                     Spectrum aution (Make the Air Fair campaign)

06/01/17                     Fur Trade

December 2016

19/12/16                     Asylum for torture survivors

19/12/16                     Local bus services and the Bus Services Bill

19/12/16                     Relocation of Unaccompanied Children from Europe

19/12/16                     HIV & Aids

19/12/16                     Small Claims Court (inc Whiplash)

19/12/16                     Nature and Wellbeing Act (Wildlife Trusts and RSPB campaign)

19/12/16                     Fox – Sky Bid

16/12/16                     Persecution and Displacement of Christians (Open Doors Campaign)

16/12/16                     AQA A Level Subject Cuts (including Archaeology)

16/12/16                     MPs’ Pension Scheme and Climate Change

16/12/16                     National Audit Office Report on Benefit Sanctions

16/12/16                     Homelessness Reduction Bill (St Mungo’s and Crisis campaigns)

16/12/16                     Palestinian Statehood

16/12/16                     Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) and Gambling Advertising

16/12/16                     Andargachew ‘Andy’ Tsege

16/12/16                     ‘Flaw in the Law’ NSPCC Campaign Holding letter

14/12/16                     Istanbul Convention

14/12/16                     Parliamentary vote on invoking Article 50

07/12/16                     Humanist marriage

07/12/16                     Nazanin-Zaghari-Ratcliffe detention

07/12/16                     Support Palestinian women with breast cancer

07/12/16                     CCTV in Equine Slaughterhouses

07/12/16                     Trident alternatives

07/12/16                     Salary Sacrifice (company cars)

05/12/16                     Faith Schools

05/12/16                     Talking Buses

05/12/16                     Group B Streptococcus (GBS)

05/12/16                     NUS campaign on Higher Education and Research Bill

02/12/16                     Sale of government asset (EDM 689)

02/12/16                     Childhood Obesity Strategy

November 2016

28/11/16                      Early Years teachers in nurseries (Save the Children campaign)

28/11/16                      Umm al-Hiran

28/11/16                      Local housing allowance and supported housing

28/11/16                      Neonicotinoid insecticides and bees

28/11/16                      Orkambi update

24/11/16                      Children of Mosul

24/11/16                      Press freedom and Leveson Part 2

24/11/16                      Welfare reform petitions

24/11/16                      Further Education spending – UCU campaign

24/11/16                      Beer duty and business rate relief

24/11/16                      ‘Cuts’ to disability support

24/11/16                      NHS continuing healthcare

24/11/16                      EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

24/11/16                      Breeding and sale of pets

24/11/16                      Universal Credit work allowance cuts

17/11/16                      Police animals petition (Finn’s Law)

17/11/16                      ‘Repressive technologies’ (Military Exports)

17/11/16                      ESA WRAG and progressive conditions (including MS)

11/11/16                      Palestinian solidarity campaign lobby

10/11/16                      National funding formula

10/11/16                      Petition to renew the National Stroke Strategy

07/11/16                      Council investment decision (follow-up response)

07/11/16                      Proportional representation (EDM 591)

07/11/16                      EDM 564 (Iranian prisoners)

07/11/16                      Frequent flyer levy (EDM 572 ‘Fair tax on flying’)

07/11/16                      Investigatory Powers Bill

07/11/16                      Council pension funds and procurement

07/11/16      Sustainability & Transformation Plans (STPs) – including local A&E closures

03/11/16                      National Health Service Bill (formerly the NHS Reinstatement Bill)

03/11/16                      Syria (EDM 513)

03/11/16                      Grouse shooting

03/11/16                      Pardoning historical homosexuality convictions (Turing Law)

03/11/16                      Compulsory EBacc and arts and creative subjects in education

03/11/16      Abolition of nuclear weapons and the Open Ended Working Group (EDM 578)

03/11/16                      Gluten-free food prescriptions (Coeliac UK campaign)

03/11/16                      Eye clinic delays (RNIB campaign)

03/11/16                 Violence against women and girls (incl. ActionAid’s Fearless campaign)

03/11/16                      Seabass stocks

03/11/16                      Heathrow expansion

03/11/16                      Relocation of unaccompanied children from Europe

03/11/16                      Palestinian solidarity campaign lobby

03/11/16                      Domestic abuse in family courts

03/11/16                      Concerns about the Higher Education Bill (UCU campaign)

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